Legal Notice and Terms of Use

Legal Notice and Terms of Use

About the website

The operator of the website is the company Energoconsulting, d.o.o. (hereinafter: the operator).

The purpose of the website is an informative presentation of the operator’s business in Slovenia.

The user of the website should read the Legal Notice and the Terms of Use before the first visit and later periodically review the applicable Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as the operator reserves the right to amend them.

Intellectual property rights

In accordance with the Slovenian Copyright and Related Rights Act (in Slovene: ZASP) the website operator is the copyright holder of all content published on the website (texts, photographs, sketches and plans, audio and video recordings, etc.).

The content is available to the user exclusively for his personal i.e. non-commercial use (Article 50 of ZASP). Without the written consent any modification, copying, reproduction and distribution of the content for commercial purposes is prohibited. The Act (Articles 48, 49, 51 of ZASP) allows the use or reproduction of a copyright work based on the public’s right to information, for educational purposes and for illustration, confrontation and referral in citation form, yet it is obligatory to state the source and authorship of the work.

Terms of use and limitation of liability

The operator has designed the website with due diligence and will continue to make every effort to ensure that the website provides current and correct information.

Each user accesses, reviews and uses the published content at his own risk and by entering and viewing any part or content of the website confirms that he or she agrees with the restrictions stated in this Legal Notice and Terms of Use. The website operator and the authors of the content expect the user to comply with the provisions of the Legal Notice and the Terms of Use, as well as regulations of privacy protection, intellectual property law and copyright.

The content of the website is primarily intended for Slovenian users and thereby adapted to Slovenian legal regulations. The website operator does not guarantee to foreign users that the website’s contents comply with the regulations in force in other countries or that the products and services of the operator in other countries are available in the same form and under the same conditions. When accessing and using the content of the website, foreign users are obliged to act in accordance with the applicable regulations of their country.

The operator reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time, in any way, for any reason and without prior notice.

All information and content on the website is for information purposes only and not to establish binding legal relationships or enter into such legal relationships.

The website also contains hypertext links to third party websites. The links are posted to help users find additional information. As the operator cannot provide control over the content of third party websites, the operator does not assume any responsibility for the content of these websites nor the protection of privacy and personal data when accessing and using these sites. The publication of a hypertext link to a third party website also does not imply any opinion or position of the operator regarding the content on this website.

Data protection

Personal data

The operator uses personal data exclusively for fulfilling the order (e.g. sending information material, offers, and invoices related to the order).

Personal data is not used for other communication purposes (e.g. targeted advertising and sending promotional e-mails), nor is it passed on to third parties. Personal data is not used for other communication purposes (e.g. targeted advertising and sending promotional e-mails), nor is it passed on to third parties.

The user may at any time request in writing from the operator to stop using their personal data, either permanently or temporarily. During the management of personal data, the user may request to review and update the data in the database. The website operator handles all personal data obtained in accordance with applicable laws. The data is adequately protected against loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure by third parties.

Right to information

If the user has any questions regarding the privacy policy or the way personal data is handled, he or she can contact the operator without any reservation:

Energoconsulting, d.o.o.
Gosposvetska 86
2000 Maribor
T: +386 2 234 04 80

Upon request, the operator will inform you – in writing and in accordance with the relevant regulations – about what personal data he has collected.

Purpose of use

By submitting data via the online form, the user allows the operator to process and store the submitted personal data in accordance with applicable laws.

The data may be processed by the operator for his own needs, until the revocation of consent, with a request to remove personal data from the database. Otherwise they can be processed for as long as is necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data were collected, ie. 10 years for registered users, 5 years for all other users and until the user unsubscribes from the e-newsletter, or until the operator ceases his activity on the market. During the management of personal data, the user may request to review and update the data in the database.

Protection of privacy

The operator provides all the necessary technological and organizational solutions for the complete protection of your data. The transfer of sensitive personal and transactional data on the website is carried out in a secure manner, using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. The data is encrypted with up to a 256-bit key before it leaves your browser and is transferred to our server in a secure format. In this way, the system prevents anyone from intercepting personal and transactional data that you send to our website.