projects - University Medical Center UKC Maribor, Slovenia

University Medical Center UKC Maribor, Slovenia

Projekt Description
  • Engineering, supply and installation of the entire energy supply system of the hospital with hot water and steam, using cogeneration units 2 x 1010 kW, with built-in Viessmann hot water boilers 2 x 6.5 MW, with the production of saturated steam 12 bar in the utilizer with the power of 3930 kW, and in the steam boiler with the power of 2350 kW (total steam production 8350 kg).
  • Modernization of the cold production source and cold water pumping station. Nominal cooling capacity of the new refrigeration unit Qh = 1,030kW; rated power of cooling towers with the possibility of adiabatic cooling of total rated power Q=2 x 1.351 = 2.702 kW. Pumping station with a total flow capacity of 517.2 m3/h.