Engineering and energy consulting

Engineering and energy consulting

We are one of the leading contractors in designing solutions in the field of energy and mechanical engineering. Engineering and energy consulting We specialize in the design of mechanical installations – ventilation systems, water supply and sewerage, heating systems, technological processes and gas installations as well as energy systems.

Engineering and energy consulting:

    • Boilers (natural gas, extra light heating oil, steam, hot water …)
    • Heating stations in district heating systems
    • Plumbing, heating, natural gas, steam and technological installations
    • Ventilation and air conditioning systems and cooling systems
    • Cooling and heating systems with heat pumps
    • Compressor stations
    • Technological ventilation
    • Cogeneration of heat and electric energy

Our advantages

    • A leading company in designing energy and mechanical engineering solutions
    • High quality of performed work
    • Flexibility and exceptional responsiveness
    • Professional and comprehensive consulting based on many years of experience
    • Special certified knowledge that is being upgraded constantly
    • Providing services in full compliance with all regulations and standards