Performing mechanical installations

ikona - strojne instalacijeWe offer different types of mechanical installations, focusing on the implementation of installations on demanding energy systems (heating, cooling, industrial ventilation), electrical installations and designing of mechanical installations


    • We provide floor, radiator, convector or radiant heating of warehouses, industrial and commercial premises
    • Supply and installation of small or industrial heat pumps
    • Design and reconstruction of boiler rooms and heating substations in multi-apartment and industrial buildings
    • Starting and servicing IMI Pneumatex devices and hydraulic balancing, measuring and settings of installed IMI TA heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment systems


    • Supplying and installing of air conditioning systems for business premises
    • Designing and implementing technological cooling in industrial and production facilities as well as public facilities (cooling towers, cooling units)

Ventilation and air conditioning

    • Designing and implementing ventilation and air conditioning systems for business premises as well as industrial and catering facilities
    • Planning and implementing technological ventilation solutions

Plumbing and sewer system installations

    • Plumbing installations for commercial and industrial facilities
    • Performing sewerage connections and other systems for drainage of meteoric, waste and faecal waters
    • Supplying and installing sanitary equipment

Gas installations

    • Implementing heating gas installations (natural gas, propane/butane, butane)
    • Technological gas installations in production and industrial facilities

Energy systems

    • Designing and implementing steam and hot water boilers
    • Implementing technological steam heating systems in industrial facilities
    • Designing and implementing systems for cogeneration of heat and electricity

Pipe connections of industrial and production systems

    • Implementing technological pipe connections made of black, stainless, galvanized and copper pipes, carbon steel pipes, polymer and composite material pipes
    • Joining pipe installations by welding, pressing, spiked cramps, prefabricated fasteners …


    • Supplying and installing certified equipment for shelters

Fire systems

    • Supplying and installing certified equipment for active fire protection –sprinklers